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  1. The Art Of The Proposal
  2. Everything about your wedding in one place.
  3. 33 Romantic Ways to Propose: Unforgettable Marriage Proposal Ideas

Make sure your partner wants this type of a proposal and does not prefer it to be just you and her. Caricature Artist — Have a caricature artist waiting for you at a pre-determined location. They can draw the proposal or another romantic scene from your relationship. Flash mob — These spontaneous dance routines are still a very popular grand display of affection.

The Art Of The Proposal

They can be a great proposal idea for someone who loves to be the center of attention. Picture Books — Picture books and memory books are great additions to your proposal set up. Use it as the proposal finale and you are sure to get a weepy yes. Disney — If your partner is a lover of Disney, consider a Disney theme proposal idea or proposing at Disneyland. Just keep in mind they are a bit strict about what they allow at the park.

Umbrellas — Paint a special message on umbrellas for the ultimate proposal reveal. But please know, these take hours to paint so you will need a professional or a lot of endurance. Include Children- If you and your partner have children together, bring them in on your special moment. Have them wear a cute shirt or hold flowers as you propose. Scavenger Hunt — This never goes out of style. Make a list of a few places that are special to you and then write out some corresponding clues.

Hire a coordinator to make sure it all goes smoothly or drop off the cues yourself and talk to all the staff. Wine Tasting — If your partner is a wine lover, pop the question at a winery or with a custom labeled wine!

Candles — Set up candles somewhere super romantic and presto…. You have a romantic and budget-friendly proposal! Incorporate Pets — We have planned pug-posals, proposals using cats, and even a petting zoo. If your partner is an animal lover, this could be the basis of a great proposal idea.

Underwater — Show the depths of your love by proposing underwater. Skywriting — This is a grand gesture of love and can be a fun proposal idea. Sand Sculpture- An exciting proposal idea is having a sand sculpture created. It should represent important moments in your relationship. A Beach Setup — Set up something romantic and unexpected on the beach like the proposal we did for Raul below.

Make the Proposal Personalized

Sea Lion — If your partner loves sea lions or cute animals this is perfect! Check out the slim, rotating ring box at www. Have someone come in and decorate your hotel room with flowers and candles Private Chef — Include a private chef into your proposal idea to add some extra romance and personalization. In the Snow — The contrast of rose petals on snow or candles out in the cold is something that automatically creates a sense of romance.

If you plan on proposing in the winter, include snow in your big moment. Custom Song — Have a song written by a professional song writer. Have him play that song or have it performed as you propose. Spell It — Spell out her name or a sweet message using rose petals, candles, or anything else romantic or symbolic. Piano — Have a piano set up in a romantic room and when you walk in, the pianist can play your special song. Pinterest Proposal — Stalk your partner on Pinterest and find out exactly what their dream proposal is and then re-create it.

Recreate Favorite Trips — Just like our client Manuele did in the picture below, consider having something from one of your favorite trips recreated. He chose the Eiffel Tower and we made it out of roses and moss! Display Photos — One way to add personalization to any proposal idea is to display your photos around the proposal setup. Our recent post on modern marriage proposals was so popular that we decided to share an expanded list of ideas.

Part two of our story includes scenarios in venues as diverse as photo shoots underwater to epic treks to the top of a mountain—and many locations in between. Some of the best marriage proposals happen in places that are significant to your unique love story. For the adventurists among us, these places are usually in the great outdoors—or for city dwellers, somewhere in a park or suitably scenic location.

Let the natural beauty of local or destination landscapes take your proposal plan to the next level. Love will quite literally be in the air when you're swept up in the beauty of the sky. Request a private hot air balloon ride otherwise you could get grouped with people you don't know and enjoy nature without breaking a sweat.

No hiking boots required! While more than a few romantic comedies have featured proposals at the top of the Empire State Building, you don't need to go to New York to make a grand gesture. Almost every city has an iconic landmark or tall building with an observation deck, and there's nothing like a sweeping view as a backdrop for a dramatic proposal. If you both love the feeling of conquering the top of a mountain, make that moment even more memorable by planning a proposal for your next hiking adventure.

It may not be glamorous and this is more of a simple proposal idea, but the combination of striking scenery and endorphins will make for a breathtaking experience. A classic move, a beach proposal doesn't have to feel overdone. If you make a point to see the ocean every year, plan to go digging for clams and have one hidden in your pocket that holds the engagement ring inside.

Anyone with a love for the arts will appreciate a more creative proposal approach. Don't worry if you're not artistically-inclined—there are ways to get around that without sacrificing imagination. For a more private, home proposal idea, put together a photo album of everything from your relationship milestones to your sillier moments caught on camera.

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Leave a blank space for a new photo with a label that says, "Our Engagement," and have a camera set up or someone ready to capture the moment. Attend a local Paint Nite with your proposal plan in tow. While you're both having fun painting, your partner will never expect to read the words "Will You Marry Me" on your canvas when you turn it around. A true masterpiece of a moment.

Everything about your wedding in one place.

There are endless online options that will help you bind together and print a DIY book. Write out the story of how you met, complete with a happy ending that teases the next chapter of your lives together. What a page-turner.

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Nothing sets the stage for your proposal like a sea of scattered flower petals or blooms arranged artfully to express your love. Whether arranged in the shape of a heart or threaded together and suspended from the trees, when you say it with flowers it's hard to go wrong.

If your partner is extra close with family members, loves being with friends more than not, or is a proud fur or non-fur baby parent, involving loved ones in the proposal is a surefire way to make it unforgettable and extra meaningful. We know this idea was included in our first list of ideas, but training your dog to help pop the question is just too adorable, so here it is again in round two.

Who could resist a proposal like this? A proposal that requires a bit more planning, a scavenger hunt is a great way to get loved ones involved. Plant each clue with a friend or family member stationed at all your favorite spots, leading them to the final clue: you.

33 Romantic Ways to Propose: Unforgettable Marriage Proposal Ideas

This one is easy to adapt to other proposal ideas, too, like a holiday proposal, a proposal over dinner, or a vacation proposal at Disneyland or on top of the Eiffel Tower. Sometimes, all it takes to elevate the romance of a proposal plan is to involve trustworthy family and friends. Here are some fun proposal ideas geared toward book lovers, movie buffs, foodies, and game night fiends.

This one is for the board game lover. Is your partner the biggest bookworm you know? Whether they do the dog-ear trick or use a bookmark, slip your ring tied to a ribbon in between the pages they left off from along with a little note. We can already hear the applause. For the foodie, prepare a multi-course private dinner, starring their favorite foods and an engagement ring for dessert.

Is there a more romantic way to propose than by cooking a meal? No, no there is not. If your relationship has been studded by Tuesday Trivia nights at your local bar, devise a plan to have one of the last questions be your marriage proposal. The only right answer will be an unequivocal yes.