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Some visitors to the far north are able to delight in golden, sun-filled nights, while others find themselves peering discouraged through a veil of mist and pouring rain, with their gloves on. With the right preparations you should, however, have a good chance of seeing it. We do however sleep less, because the light makes us energetic and lively, and elevates our mood, so the body needs less sleep.

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Visitors and newcomers may experience problems with sleeping for the first few days. The people of Northern Norway go a little bit mad with all the light, in the best sense of the word.

Nevertheless there is full daylight at midnight here, too, in the weeks around midsummer, often with beautiful sunset colours to the north. Article search. Let's Be Social.

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Midnight Sun - light all night! North of the Arctic Circle the summer day lasts for weeks and months, and makes both locals and visitors happy, energetic and light-hearted. Come along and enjoy the atmosphere! Now for the science bit… The Midnight Sun is a natural phenomenon in which the sun is above the horizon at midnight. Summertime in Swedish Lapland , usually between end May and mid-July. However the further north you go, the longer the Midnight Sun will be last. Two of the best places to see the Midnight Sun though is Kebnekaise and Abisko where it's visible from the end of May until mid-July.